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Our Squads

Squad Levels

Mini: This squad is the first squad out of learn to swim. Swimmers must be able to complete 25m of freestyle and backstroke as a minimum. 


Bronze: First level of 50m training. Swimmers are able to complete 50m of freestyle and 50m of backstroke at individual times. Bronze is the first training level for squads. 


Silver: Swimmers can swim all four strokes with proficiency.  Minimum 25m Butterfly, 50m Breaststroke, 100m Backstroke, 100 freestyle.  This squad builds on all aspects of your swimming ability including technical parts such as starts/turns and finishes. Swimmers at this level participate in local, regional and state level meets. 


Gold:  This squad is for the more serious swimmers who are looking to improve their endurance and overall fitness to competently swim up to 5km in a session.  Must be competent in all four swim strokes.  It is for the more serious competitors who are aiming at state and national level competitions. 

Go to the Coach's Corner for more information about training with our squads.

Our Squads: Text

Equipment Required

Swimmers should bring to training a good attitude and the following swim kit:

Mini and Bronze

  •          Water Bottle

  •          Flippers

  •          Goggles plus spare

  •          Pool buoy

  •          Swim cap plus spare

  •          Kick board


Silver and Gold Squads

  •          Water Bottle

  •          Flippers

  •          Goggles plus spare

  •          Pool buoy

  •          Swim cap plus spare

  •          Kick board

  •          Finger paddles

  •          Hand paddles

  •          Swim training snorkel (optional)

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