Our Committee

The Club’s Committee is run by a dedicated group of volunteers who are guided by Club’s Constitution and requirements of Swimming NT. Committee members are elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held each year around August. Only financial Club members 18 years or over and life members are eligible for election to the Committee. Senior members are eligible to vote at the AGM or Special General meetings. All parents are strongly encouraged to become members to be eligible to vote.

Parents are also encouraged to nominate to serve on the Committee at some time during their membership. It is your Club and it needs all parents to contribute to ensure the continued success of the Club.

"Ask not what the Club can do for you, but what you can do for the Club." 

Committee meetings are generally held monthly. Please contact the Club Secretary for dates and times of meetings. If a member has an item they would like considered by the Committee, they are advised to contact the Club Secretary via email at casuarinastorm@gmail.com

2020 - 2021 Committee


Mr Damian White

Vice President:   

Ms Jacinta Stirrat

Public Officer:

Ms Jacinta Stirrat


Mr Damian White (casuarinastorm@gmail.com)


Mr Armando Mercader



General Committee:

Ms Alison Lockley, Ms Eileen McKinnon, Ms Robyn On

Member Protection Information Officer: Ms Jacinta Stirrat