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Casuarina Storm Program Foundations

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Casuarina Storm Program Foundations: Welcome

Swimming – Sport Specific Training
The Stormer is able to swim all 4 strokes competitively and they experience all types of race settings from still water to open water, pressure-free participation to high stakes competitive environments. The training sessions are intentional and data-based training, to achieve consistent and competitive success. Stormers develop an understanding of patterns and connect various concepts for improvement in and out of the pool. They have the skills and exposure to decide how far they want to take their competitive swimming and take great pride in consistent improvement over time. Training mental strength also supports Stormers to persist in difficulty, and to do all it takes to overcome challenges and achieve one’s goals.

The Storm Factor
Stormers are active communicators, capable of reflection and perspective. They have a love of learning, together with an eye for opportunity and growth. Stormers have a good sense of “I” and believe in themselves. They have a positive inner dialogue and care about their community. Stormers actively work towards creating a sense of belonging and contribute to a culture of mutual respect that encourages understanding and supporting others. They create a strong inner foundation that guides consistently right behaviours and champion fairness.

Posture, Stability, Flexibility – For Longevity
The Stormer works consistently towards maintaining a full Range of Motion (ROM) for greater, lifelong mobility and reduced risk of injury.

Fundamental Movement Patterns – Creating a Solid Base
The Stormer develops physical literacy across the full scope of Fundamental Movements as part of their athletic development. They are able to participate in many different sports with strong foundations and confidence. They develop the teamwork and social skills to participate in group and individual sports.

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