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Club Membership Fees

The membership categories for this season are given below. The Total Fee includes an annual membership fee paid to Swimming Australia (SAL) and Swimming Northern Territory (SNTI) for each registered swimmer. All swimmers will need to renew or register their membership before they are able to enter swim meets. 


CURRENT MEMBERS should receive an email asking them to renew their membership. Please follow the instructions to renew. If there are any problems, please contact the Club Registrar via email or go to the Swim Central support page for help. 


2022- 2023 Membership Fees - Casuarina Storm Swimming Club
**EARLY BIRD Discount of 10%, applied to Club component only, if paid by 31 August 2022.**


  • A Parent/Guardian MUST join and purchase the 2022/2023 Parent/Guardian membership if the swimmer is under 18 years of age. This is a Swimming NT and Swimming Australia requirement.

  • Membership Fees help pay for the Club’s expenses. This includes insurance and affiliation fees paid to Swimming NT and lane hire at Casuarina Pool.

  • Membership fees do not cover all the Club’s expenses and we need to fund raise each year to meet the costs. The Club relies heavily on its parents, supporters and sponsors to help meet these costs.​

  • Membership fees are separate to coaching fees. Coaching fees can be found HERE.

  • Pool entry fees will need to be paid on entry to Casuarina Swimming Pool. City of Darwin pool entry fees can be found HERE.

Membership Fees: Text

Membership Fees 2022-2023

Season: 1 July 2022 - 30 June 2023

**EARLY BIRD Discount of 10%, applied to Club component only, if paid by 31 August**

($150 from 1 Jan 2023)

2022/2023 Competitive Swimmer
(9 Years & Over)

Competitive Swimmer competing in official events.


2022/2023 Non-Competitive Swimmer
(9 Years & Over)

An active swimmer in a club NOT competing in official events.


2022/2023 Swim School Competitive Swimmer
(9 Years & Over)

Swimmer trains with a swim school and not Cas club coach. Competitive Swimmer competing in official events.

$120 from 1 Jan 2023)

2022/2023 Swimmer 8 Years & Under

Swimmer 8 years & under - competitive and non-competitive.


2022/2023 Parent/Guardian 



2022/2023 Volunteer Member

Non-Swimmer. Membership includes committee members and volunteers.

Membership Fees: Price List

How to Join


Current members should receive an automated email from Swim Central asking them to renew their membership for the new season. Please follow the instructions in the email to renew. If there are any problems please contact the Club Secretary via email or go to the Swim Central support page for help. 

Please always ensure all details are checked thoroughly in the Shopping Cart prior to processing (e.g. member's name, club and price). If required, items can be removed from your Shopping Cart.


Please Contact the Club Secretary via email before joining. 

If you are new to swimming and do not have a Swim Central Account you will need to follow the steps below to join. 

Please note all swimmers under 18 years of age must have a parent/guardian linked to their membership. This is a Swimming NT requirement.

1. Register with Swim Central

After you have registered you will be able to:

2. View Profile and Update Mandatory Fields

3. Create a Family

4. Buy a Membership

5. Browse Events


If you already have a Swim Central account (current or expired membership) and are transferring from another club, please contact our Club Secretary via email before making a membership purchase with Casuarina Storm.  Instructions on how to transfer can be found by clicking HERE


Swimmers who wish to upgrade their membership from a non-competitive category to a competitive category can do this easily any time during the season. CLICK HERE to see how.

Membership Fees: Text

Why Join

fun, fitness and friendship

​Casuarina Storm Swimming Club is one of the Northern Territory’s oldest and most successful swimming clubs. If you are looking for fun, fitness and friendship in a supportive, family-focused environment then join our Club! New members are always welcome. Casuarina Storm is a not-for-profit club and relies heavily on funds raised through membership, fundraising and sponsorship to cover its expenses. 

Casuarina Storm is an affiliated member of Swimming Northern Territory Inc (SNTI). Club members are members of Swimming NT and are bound by the rules and by-laws of that association. Our swimmers can experience all levels of competition; Club Nights, Swimming NT Meets and also Interstate Meets.

Squad swimmers who train with Casuarina Storm are required to join the Club so that they will be covered by insurance.

Membership Fees: Text
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